Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Kids and Ice Cream

Really short update...the title should say it all....two kids, one bowl of soupy ice cream, one recliner...needless to say I should have put away my shawl instead of setting it aside the recliner.

Fortunately I was able to run some warm water over the shawl (still on the needles), rinse it out, rinse the extra ball that was near it and my little knitting pouch. It spent the afternoon recovering and this morning looks good as new. Whew! So far about 100 plus stitches across, still not really big. Not the best picture, but you get the idea.

That did give me the chance work on Lauren's jumper and I am now knitting to the first decrease to shape the armholes. I found last time that went by pretty quickly and once I got to the shoulders I was binding off in no time. After I block it and piece it together I will need to make a run to our LYS and get some advice on how to do the edging. I am still not all that clear about a couple of steps in putting the picot edging on.

Lesson learned, put away my projects all the time! :-D

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Mama Bear said...

Whew! Good news that the clean up worked.

The jumper looks good!