Monday, March 5, 2007

Down on Grandpa's Farm

I finished the cake for my dad...but I haven't quite finished up the jumper. This week I should have it all done.

Overall I am pleased with how the cake turned out. I am not at all the sure I like the actual cake came out. (Ultimate Butter Cake) It seemed to be very heavy and a bit dry. I found a couple of other recipes I will have to try out.

Final Cake: (more info at my cake blog)

Preparing the cake and getting ready for the weekend has left little time for much knitting. Lauren's jumper is still waiting for the final touches, the hem, ribbon, and pocket. I did have a chance to sit down and work for a bit on Tyler's blanket and my triangle shawl. The shawl just a little over 3 feet wide, and about 22 inches long. I almost finished with the fourth ball, and have one ball left to use.

I purchased several patterns that I hope to use with my yarn stash, most of them arrived last week. These two are my favorite: Petal Shawl, and Flyaway Jacket. Ok, so I don't exactly have yarn for these two, but I do have the yarn for this one, Artisan Vest, big baby yarn. This pattern uses size 15 needles, so should work just fine for it. These patterns caught my eye to have on hand for future projects, Felted Ballerina Slippers, Basic Tank Pattern, and a Sweater with hearts pattern.

I also picked up several knitting books from the library last week that I had on hold. I haven't had a chance to really get to sit down and go through them. Maybe this week?


Marcia said...

What a fantastic cake!

My mom has a good cake recipe that she uses for wedding cakes. It has truly ruined us all for other wedding cakes.

Jen said...

Wow! That is a great cake! I would hate to have been the one to cut into it.