Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Jumper Photos, Ribbon Shawl WIP

I tried to take a few more photos of the jumper and unfortunately it's just hard to get a picture of the how the actual yarn looks.

Pattern: Festive Occasion Jumper from "Creative Knitting" Magazine, November 2006 issue.
Yarn: Jelli Beenz Yarn (Plymouth Yarn Co.) I can't remember but I think we used 8 or 9 skeins and still have one skein we didn't use, plus about the amount of a second skein.
Needles: Size 8
Modifications: I just couldn't get the picot hem to work with the smaller needles so I just did it with the 8's. I also lengthen it a bit...which causes it to pull a bit, but not a big problem at this point.

I added one pocket:

I modified the picot edging. Still looks very pretty:

Bottom Hem with Ribbon:



I learned quite a bit from this project. I got the idea of how decreases work, armholes and shoulders are shaped, and how to add a second ball of yarn when working shoulders. I learned how to seam properly, and finally figured out to get the picot edge to work, even if I had to change it from the directions a bit. I am not sure I did the blocking right since it still curled quite a bit on the edges. I think this will help me in finishing my sweater I started back in the fall. The jumper is now officially a FO (Finished Object) and I am anxious to get a few more projects added to my complete project list.

I was hoping I was finished with my Party Ribbon Shawl, but after I cast off carefully realized it's just isn't not big enough yet. Since I have an extra skein of the yarn left from the jumper I am going to take it in this week and exchange it for another ball of the Crystal Palace Ribbon Yarn. The photo just doesn't do it justice. I think due to the fact the background color conflicts with the green in the yarn. Don't have exact measurements at the moment, roughly about 3+ feet wide and about 2 1/2 feet long. It certainly is much more sturdier than my original attempt. Other than it taking a long time to finish up, I am pretty happy with the results so far.

Edited to add:
Found a couple more stashes of yarn in the cupboard today. Two of them are for projects I have already started, and the other is a collection of cotton yarn I had left over from Christmas. Posted those the the stash album. I also found a little scarf that I used to practice learning how to knit and posted the pictures in my album. I was able to exchange the extra yarn from the jumper and got two more balls of the party ribbon for the shawl. Didn't take me long to frog the cast off and redo it and start on the next ball. Hopefully won't take too much longer to finish up this project.


Jen said...

The edging is cute. My daughter likes the ribbon on the bottom too. I should try doing edging on something one of these days.

Marcia said...

The jumper is adorable! I love the yarn - what material is it? I'm not sure I'm brave enough to do something like that.

Becka the Spoiled Knitter said...

OMGoodness, the jumper is PERFECT! I love it! Love the color, everything! Your shawl is so pretty, too! I'm glad you were able to get some more yarn! I like your stash photos, what a cool idea!
I know what you mean about pictures, I can't ever get the exact color, either!