Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Pitiful, pitiful, pitiful

I have been pretty pitiful at knitting that last couple of days. I left for our annual women's retreat with my church on Friday and I did take my knitting with me. However my cold was still hanging on and I only knitted a little bit. I ended up going to bed early both nights right after the sessions because I was so tired. By the time I got home Sunday all I wanted to do was just sit and relax.

I didn't even realize my knitting bag was still in the car until this Tuesday afternoon. That tells you I am really not feeling good when I don't even get out my knitting or notice it's not even in the house!

I haven't done a thing on my triangle shawl. I did find three buttons I think will work, but it's still in my basket waiting for me to weave in the ends and put on the buttons.

I am doing better at Tyler's blanket. I knitted it at the retreat so I keep warm during one of the sessions. "I knit, therefore I am warm" was the perfect motto for that morning.

The summer shawl is proving to be a lot more difficult that I anticipated. I finally took it out (literally I frogged the whole thing), again, and cut off the yarn that was beginning to look like I tried to knit it about 100 times. I used that to practice the stitch pattern I was having trouble with. Humm, knit it just fine no problems. Soo, I cast on and tried again. Decided to stick with my denise needles, and got past the 10 rows of garter stitch, tried the next stitch pattern, but when I got to row 13 and finished it, I was off in my count again. I tinked it out (that is knitting backwards, removing it stitch by stitch) tried again and still was off. So I counted the stitches and saw I as off by one, so I gave up, purled together the first two to get the count right and purled the row as instructed. I set it down and went to bed. I am tempted to tink it again and try it again. Or just let it sit for a few days and go back to the triangle shawl, then decide later what to do on the summer shawl.

I did get a couple of batches of cookies done for retreat that I offered to help with (before I had a cold). They came out great. I used my tried and true pampered chef recipe, only this time reduced the temperature by 25 degrees and they didn't brown or loose their bright color. The were served with a tiny cheesecake square and a tulip chocolate cup filled with bananas and whipped cream. I am hoping to make these same cookies to hand out to the neighbors for easter. I did a batch of pink dough last night, and when I feel up to it will make a couple more batches.

I need to get back to my knitting, but I am still feel a bit pitiful. First I need to catch up on a few things around the house, then I can settle in an knit for a bit and make up some lost time on my knitting.

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Marcia said...

my knitting is pretty sad lately too. Today at church was the first time I've picked it up in probably close to a week (*shock!*). I also have a shawl that's giving me trouble. Thinking about frogging it and going with another pattern. I'll probably do that.

I like those cookies!! They look yummy.