Friday, June 8, 2007

One Big Blanket and Lots of New Yarn

I haven't really done a lot of knitting projects, mainly just working on Tyler's blanket, which is almost finished. I am on the last skein of yarn and I am ready to be done with it. Tyler is very anxious for me to finish it so he can wrap himself up in it. You can't really see how big it really is in the photo because I folded it length wise and width wise to get a quick picture. The stitch pattern doesn't show up, so I will need to do a close up with it when it's all finished.

I finished knitting up three dishclothes for the children's dance teachers. All of were done from patterns purchased from Knitted Kitty Creations. The yarn I used was Lion Brand's Lion Cotton, not as soft as the TLC cotton that I have, or LB's Cotton Ease. I also see that Knit Picks has some very nice cotton yarns available, might have to try those in the future.

This dishcloth was made for my daughter's ballet teacher. Lauren picked the color, but I picked the style, since I thought shoes were most appropriate for her. I changed the border on all three clothes to garter stitch to make it easier and quicker to knit up.

This cloth was made for her Worship Dance Teacher and owner of the studio. She picked out purple because that is Miss J's favorite color and the color theme of the studio. I like this dancer because it reminds me of the studio's logo.
And the last one was made for my son's teacher. His main class is tap, but joined a class midway for that was a jazz/ballet class. I didn't choose the style of this one for any other reason but that I liked it. Tyler picked blue for her, which also matched the color of one of their dance costumes.

We will package them up with some other gifts like soaps and little things then take them to the studio next week. The only one I really had trouble with was this last one, I missed a line a couple of times and had to redo them. Other than it looking a little uneven, it turned out fine.

I have been yarn shopping over that last few months and finally took the time to get some pictures taken and posted.

Not the highest quality yarn, but certainly a bargain! Micheal's Craft Stores had Lily's Sugar n' Cream (608 yards) on sale $5. I want to use the blue for the Modified Market Bag from sabrina at the knitting forums at KH. I opted for the natural color (with is actually little more darker than the photo) to make dishclothes to use at home, instead of white or something "pretty."

While I was at Micheal's I saw that they had Lion Brand's Incredible on clearance. There was only one color that I really liked. So I found 10 balls and thought they might be good to use for one of the tank top patterns that I have. I found that I like working with this yarn and couldn't pass up a bargain on something I like!
A couple of months ago I got a couple of skeins of mohair yarn from Webs during their anniversary sale. I was wanting to use one of the colorways for the pattern I have for a shawl. After I knit up a quick swatch with the variegated colorway (photo below), I realized it wouldn't work with the petal shawl. So I opted to use this instead yarn instead, Cascade Bollicine Etoile in the solid pink color.

I found this pattern for a cape to use with my Lang Venecia. The colors are a bit darker than the photo shows and it also really soft and lush feeling.

And lastly I found this yarn at Yarnbow (an ebay store). Noro Yarn is what the Booga Bag pattern originally used and I wanted to try it. Although I didn't find this yarn to be very soft, it's very colorful, and shouldn't shrink as much as the Paton's SWS. I do want to make it larger than the pattern so I bought extra yarn.

I have a lot of projects that I am anxious to do, but I have several I need to finish up! I am going to try and finish up Lauren's blanket next, and my tank top. Then I have several projects to choose from, a cape, a shawl, sweater, vest, another dress for Lauren, a skirt for Lauren, another sweater for me, the list just goes on! As the saying goes...So Much Yarn, So Little Time!

Happy Knitting!

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I love all the pretty yarns. You've got lots of knitting to do!