Monday, June 2, 2008

100th Post

It's my 100th post, and it not going to be all that exciting! School is wrapping up for us, but we still work on subjects throughout the summer. We have finished another year in Awana with an Awards Cermony and Dance with their annual Spring Dance Recital. I am continuing to prepare for Vacation Bible School and for our pastor's son's wedding this weekend. My big task is the wedding cake.

As for knitting, I am beginning to get back at my projects. I have several to finish, but just haven't had the time to sit down and get them done. My sweater needs to be seamed, as well as Lauren's blanket. My flyaway free jacket is coming along, started on the back panel but it's resting for the moment. I started a blanket for the wedding this Saturday, but not all the pleased with how it's turning out and considering redoing it and using a modified log cabin pattern from the Mason-Dixon Knitting Book. Also, I have tried unsuccessfully to start a prayer shawl for my ladies knitting group at church and finally settled on a pattern and yarn. Not all that thrilled with the yarn, but I have it and want to use it up. And there is still my feather and fan shawl, I am much happier with the changes I made, but it may mean it could be winter by the time I actually finish it!

Ok, not pictures for now, but I get some posted this week. Ok, I am lazy, I admit it. Taking a pictures requires me to get out the camera, get out the projects, then get the photos cleaned up and posted. Until I get some updated photos, you can take a look at my ravelry page. Until next time, Happy Knitting Everyone!


John Flowers said...


100 posts, what an achievement! Keep up the good work.


theblondeknitter said...

what a milestone! congrats!

we school year round but pull back for summer. we're not quite there but hopefully soon!