Sunday, July 20, 2008

If The First Book Doesn't Help Enough

Then go out and use your 40% coupon and purchase another crochet book.

I went back to Micheal's and decided to get another book I had looked at the other day. But as I was on my way to the register I noticed another interesting crochet book on the shelf. I looked through it, it had a lot more information and cost exactly the same. There is an entire section on crocheting in the round and making it flat. "The Crochet Answer Book" was what I needed in the first place and bought it instead.

Yesterday I finished the blue Mouse Shadow and took it with me to church to show it off. I was quite pleased that I attempted it with my very, very limited experience with crocheting. I got a few suggestions on how to improve upon it and several people wanted me to teach them how to do it. I didn't get it very flat, but it looks a lot better after I blocked it overnight.

I started another one in pink and it's starting to lay flatter and look more even in my stitches. Now that I have my new book, I learned how to work in a round, keeping . I keep working on the ears and have probably done this one in the picture a dozen times since yesterday. I am trying to get a nice curve on the bottom so I can attach it better. I am just about there, now I can remember how I did when I crochet the second one!

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