Tuesday, November 18, 2008


A busy couple of days. I think I have recovered from DD's first sleep-over birthday party and getting two cakes make over the weekend. Between homework and housework we are trying to help out at church this week collecting shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Our church is a collection/relay center, so we check in shoeboxes, count them and then box them up for the distribution center in Southern California. After they are processed in So. CA, they will be shipped to children around the world! We worked Monday for a couple of hours, even getting filmed by the local news station! Although I have yet to see the clip of us on the news, my friend did text me this early this morning to tell me she saw us!

I am so close to getting finished with the Country Cousins Blanket. The whip stitching seemed to take forever, and it wasn't going along very smoothly. After I stitched up a few blocks I realized I could baste all the squares together with some waste yarn. That helped but it still took some time to get it all stitched together. I decided not to whip stitch around the outside of the blanket instead working a picot stitch border to give it a little more flair. Hopefully I can get this project finished up before too long.

I forgot to write in a previous post that I was also working on a skirt for Lauren. I got stuck at one point, but finally got it figured out and now just trying to get it finished up. Even though the pattern calls for only one skein of yarn, I think I am going to get another one since I had few extra on the last decrease (I did say I got it figured out, but didn't say it was exactly as the pattern said! LOL) round. And I want to make it just a little bit longer than the pattern is written.

The other night I cast on the February Baby Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmerman. And just as soon as I get both the blanket and skirt done, I plan to cast on my holiday sweater.

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