Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas is almost here...

...and I am pretty much ready, even if they house isn't.

I did go out today for groceries, not too bad at Trader Joe's three days before Christmas. Then later I went to Walmart, got a parking spot right away. It wasn't terribly crowded as I have seen in the past. When I went to check out, they still have the garden center open, one person finishing at the check-out and I didn't have to wait in line at all. I didn't get anything for Christmas, unless you count the cute pajamas I got for Lauren that were a holiday theme.

I baked cookies and Christmas treats most of the day on Saturday to hand out to friends at church on Sunday. A lot of work, but the cookies were beautiful after Lauren painted them. She sang a solo for the first time in the morning worship, then we had lunch with a family from church. During lunch we got a call that said Lauren didn't have to dance, it was too cold and wet to tap dance at the event in downtown San Jose. Kinda of relieved since everyone - except me - have all had colds. Lauren is almost over hers, but dad and Tyler's seem to be hanging on. It was nice to just sit, watch a movie and rest!

Today I mostly cleaned, Lauren had a friend over and they cleaned in her room, and I made john sit down and rest. Tyler still isn't feeling all the great, so helped a little and rested with Dad. I have pretty much all the gifts wrapped, with the exception of a couple little ones. We are planning to stay home Christmas Day and then visit family the next day. Other than just picking up around here, we are pretty much ready for Christmas.

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