Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dreamin' of Cupcakes

In January our knitting ministry at my church celebrates their first birthday, which got me to thinking about cakes and cupcakes. that got me to thinking about the idea to try my hand at knitting a cupcake, thanks to Ravelry there is no shortage of patterns for all kinds of creative cupcakes. I spent last night trying to find the "perfect" one for me to try, and this one was the cupcake that caught my eye.

My favorite part of this cupcake pattern is the lining. However I want to put a flower on the top since that is something I like to make for my real cupcakes. I found these crochet ones, the ones with the leaves are my favorite so far. (you should be able to click on any picture and have it take you directly to the pattern.)

I went to Micheal's to get some yarn and was disappointed to see that even though the sale just started most of the yarn was sold out, and the displays were quite bare. Several other ladies there was also disappointed, one even said it was this way before Christmas and was surprised they would have a sale with nothing for customers to buy! I was able to find a large skein of brown, and several different colors that would look nice as icing, flowers and cupcake liners. I am pretty sure I have the right size needles and hooks.

I am not quite sure how I will use these at our next Knit-A-long in January, but thinking on the lines of using them as door prizes. We will have a birthday party theme for our January KAL, and hopefully can encourage more ladies to attend.

I also saw this and REALLY want to make one, guess this will go on my list of projects. Always more patterns to try and not enough time to actually get them done!


Marcia said...

I like knitting cupcakes!

Katidids said...

Wow, those are great! That huge cake is amazing, not sure I would be brave enough. The cupcakes are a great toy idea. I've never made the food, guess with the new one on the way grandma better get busy!!