Monday, December 1, 2008

Yarn Christmas Wreath (Update)

The day after Thanksgiving we stopped at Starbucks for afternoon treat and what did I find...yarn! Yarn balls on the Starbuck's decorations all over the store. Now my first thought was how could I get one of these, second was, could I make one, and the last was this has to go on my blog! Here is another photo from Flickr of one.

This morning I got to thinking I could make something similar, and picked up a few supplies at Micheal's. Apparently Micheal's is the place to be, there were dozens of people there this afternoon. Got to be those email coupons they are sending out!

Update! I did start my wreath, and we will post a picture later when I get a chance. I purchased simply soft caron yarn, autumn red and dark sage green - it was on sale, even better. I decided to use this yarn since I liked the color and it's thicker yarn. I bought one package of small foam balls, and medium, I didn't want them to be huge. Holiday ribbon was 50% off, so I picked up a pretty gold and holly print to compliment it. Instead of doing the entire wreath in yarn ball and ornaments, I picked a fake evergreen wreath (also on sale). After I finish up the balls of yarn, I will attach them some floral wire, put the ribbon on and it should be done! Keep you posted!


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Oh my goodness! I'm totally making one too, I love it! I think I'll use foam balls so as not to use as much yarn and to keep it lighter too. What a fantastic wreath. Wait -- do you mind if I copy you? I hope not! Flattery, right? :)