Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Baby Blankets

I planned a day for the youth girls from our church to come over to work on the rag baby blankets. The squares were all cut and just needed to be sewn together. Three girls from our church's youth group were able to come over. Only one would go near the sewing machine. The other one would only piece the squares together and pin them. The third girl enjoyed the cookies and chips. We did get one blanket completely put together, and get the seams cut. We also were able to piece and pin together two more blankets. I also prepared three other blankets to be sewn that are not the rag quilt style.

I am still quite new at teaching and working with teenagers, especially girls. I still need to perfect how to best direct them with a project. Having started just teaching them on Sunday Mornings, I also have a lot to learn about directing them in general!

Even though I might not have kept them on task the entire time, we did have a good time and we did complete one blanket!

Two more rag blankets to sew together, plus three more quilt baby blankets. Lauren is also working on her own rag quilt blanket to donate to the Community Pregnancy Center. So by the time we are done we should have 6 finished baby blankets. Plus the one we will be doing Friday night with my Awana Girls (3rd through 6th graders), it will be done in Awana colors, red, blue, green and yellow. I am almost done with the EZ sweater, it is turning out so cute. I can't wait to see all the project finished and donated to the center!

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