Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Recap

Before I get to the knitting projects, I will give you a little recap to our summer.

An early Father's Day dinner at Black Angus. John and the kids left on Father's Day for camp, so we enjoyed a nice family dinner together the night before.

John, Tyler and Lauren enjoyed a week of Scholarship camp up near Yosemite National Park at Sugar Pine Christian Camp. I spent the week watching movies, knitting, getting out to a movie, and trying to not be to bored while they were away.

Lauren and John at the waterfalls near the camp...

Vacation Bible School immediately followed. I taught the Kindergarten class, while John helped in the opening sessions and music classes. Tyler assisted the music director, and Lauren enjoyed being a student in the pre-teen class. We left the Friday after we put as much away in my class as possible and spent the 4th of July weekend with friends. Thankfully we all got to sleep in while we were there!

The kids and I had an opportunity to attend the Christian Home Educator's of California Convention soon after. We traveled with friends to Long Beach for the three day weekend of workshops, encouraging speakers, and lots of shopping for curriculum.

We stopped at a beach before we settled in for the weekend at the convention.

Lauren smiles from inside a huge Yucca Tree: Tyler at the shore of the Pacific Ocean, on the rocks of the tide pool.

With a little break in between summer events, we enjoyed a trip to the San Fransisco to celebrate Tyler's birthday a little early since he would be on choir tour. Breakfast at the famous Cliff House Bistro (love the popovers), and then for some fun at the Exploratorium.

Tyler on tour performing in one of the skits. On this particular night he got a surprise visit from his aunt who drove to Oceanside to see him sing!

Lauren begins horse riding lessons. A break from dance, she decides to try out horse riding. Here she is leading the horse, "Barbie" to the riding area. At her first lesson she learned to go and get the horse, put on the bridle and saddle, and even got to learn how to walk and direct the horse where to go. She loved it, and was so excited to go back.
Unfortunately after we welcomed her brother home from his first choir tour, she ended up on the hospital last Monday with a emergency appendectomy. She spent her last week of summer recovering, no swimming, no horse riding, but lots of movies! On Saturday, John and Tyler got out to do some BMX type biking and that ended poorly with John having a broken elbow and Tyler a very sore wrist. Both were also scraped up pretty badly. I am over my horrible cold, and everyone else is recovering!

Now our "fall" begins as we get our school year underway. John and I are busy preparing for Awana at our church. We don't have a lot planned other than our normal routine of school and church activities. A camping trip in October, and then maybe a trip out to Kentucky for the holidays.

It has been a very eventful summer, wonder what the next few months hold for us!?
Hopefully lots of knitting for me!

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Debby said...

Wow! That is one busy, but productive summer. And all worthwhile activities. Thank you for your expression of sympathy. Our family is raw still and I don't see the grief easing up anytime soon. Enjoy every moment with your children. I homeschooled mine as well and I treasure those memories.