Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Holiday Knitting

I am feeling much better so I pulled out my knitting and got started on another project for Christmas. I am knitting Lauren the "Festive Occasion Jumper", from the Nov. 2006 Creative Knitting Magazine. She picked out the yarn they used in the example, Jelli Beenze by the Plymouth Yarn Co, which is very soft and easy to work with. It took me a few attempts at getting the gauge but I think I got it close enough and started the back panel this morning. The only adjustment needed is to make it longer, shouldn't be too hard.

I did end up sending in my cable from my Denise Needles Kit to have them either repair it or replace after I received an email back from the company. I did place an order for a few more cords(in pink!) and several extra conectors and buttons.

Humm, I guess I am going to have figure out what knitting projects pack for our trip in two weeks.

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