Monday, November 27, 2006

My Favorite Needles

Christmas is fast approaching and I am in no mood to celebrate with this terrible cold! And I have not picked up a knitting project since Saturday, I must not feel well.

You can see I have a lot of works in progress...I just can't knit one project at a time. Hence the reason I love the Denise Needle Kit, now I usually have the needle size I need to start something. However now I am running out of cables with so many projects going! The other day I realized an end connector on one of my longer cables was defective and hopefully will hear back from the company on what I should do. I see that Denise Needles now sells a pink kit of needles, all sizes of cords and needles the same. The case and cords are pink, and the needles are white. They are being sold to help support the fight against breast cancer. You can also purchase the cords separately in pink also, which I am planning to do as soon as I hear from them about my defective cord. The company recently added longer cords and size 17 and 19 needles to their website. It is certainly worth purchasing if you are serious about knitting. I got a set of rainbow colored ones at Knitting, but you can also get the regular blue/gray set & pink set directly from the Denise Needles website. Both links are to the right.

Maybe tomorrow I will get back to all my knitting projects!

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