Sunday, November 26, 2006


Our Thanksgiving Holiday began Wednesday as we packed up and prepared for a quick trip to Lodi to visit my family. We got up early Thanksgiving morning and had a beautiful drive from San Jose to Lodi, with no traffic problems at all. We arrived early enough to relax before heading over to my Dad's house for our Thanksgiving Feast.

Between meal preparations, catching up with family members,and a full bounty of Thanksgiving foods for our afternoon meal, I did get in a little bit of knitting. I worked on my sweater and both of the children's blankets. Even tried a new stitch for a Christmas gift, but after several attempts frogged it and decided that could wait until we returned home.

Tyler really, really, wanted to go to Target to buy a Christmas gift for his friend...the catch was he wanted to go at 6 AM Friday. Which was better than the 5 AM opening for the other stores we thought about shopping at. I pulled myself out of bed (refusing to believe I had a cold coming on) at 5:08 AM. We got to Target about 6:15 AM, were lucky enough to get an empty cart, pick up our items, and be the second in line at the "10 items or less" checkout, and were out the door in approximately 30 minutes. We picked up breakfast at the grocery store...which would have been a great time to do some grocery shopping...and were back just a little bit after 7 AM! After a nap for me, we enjoyed the rest of day visiting family. Ok, we did stop by Walmart later that night, still crowded but I am sure nothing like it would have been at 5 AM!

Unfortunately I came home from our short little Thanksgiving adventure with a chest cold and haven't done any knitting since we got home Saturday afternoon. While I tried to rest and not get the rest of the family sick, they helped to clean up and prepare for company after we unpacked. I rarely miss church, but opted to stay home and rest this morning so I could spend a couple of hours with our dear friends who came for lunch. Normally I would head back to church for our evening program, but thankfully another Awana Leader filled in for me as Cubbie Director tonight.

I haven't felt much like doing any knitting, so mainly just sitting watching movies, working on our Family Christmas Letter, reading the forums at, and just trying to get well as quickly as possible. There is much to do between now and when we leave for our vacation to Kentucky! No time to be sick, but hopefully some time to knit!

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