Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Welcome to Pearly Knit Heaven!

This is my first posting on my first blog! (I am still learning how to put it all together, so it will be "under construction" for a few days. )

My daughter was actually the one who inspired me to knit. For quite awhile she kept asking to learn how to knit, but I didn't know to knit so I kept putting it off. At one point someone suggested go to our LYS and check it out, but I just kept putting it off. Then about a week before Christmas, I needed one more gift for each of the children, so I headed to our local Michael's and went shopping. That gave me an idea to get something to teach her how to knit. I found one that looked "easy", had what we needed to get started and was kid friendly. She loved the kit and couldn't wait to get started.

I tried to help her, got a stack of books from the library, made trip to the LYS (Local Yarn Store),and tried to watch a friend knit. Finally after some failed attempts to cast on, hold the needles without dropping them, help from the same friend, reading over the directions about a hundred times, and finally getting the hanging of actually knitting, I attempted to explain it all to my daughter. Well, she didn't quite get as excited as me, and quickly lost some interest after attempting it. I started knitting a scarf, and then discovered the world of yarn, patterns, websites, and anything that had to do with knitting. Needless to say I was the one who fell in love with the art of knitting!

While shopping for more yarn, I discovered some thick, soft and inexpensive yarn. I bought it, brought it home and presented it to my daughter. She fell in love it and it sparked her interest in knitting once again. With her own needles, and some help from me, she began a pink scarf in garter stitch. We went to our LYS, they gushed all over her, telling her that her knitting was so nice, her stitches were even and her project was beautiful. She is working on her second scarf, and helping me make a blanket from a pattern we found on the lion brand website. (I will post a link and photo once I figure how to do all of that!)

I recently finished two blankets that I made to give as wedding gifts. The first blanket was so well appreciated that I couldn't wait to make another! I heard that the couple loved it so much that they actually took it on the plane to Italy! Wow! I am in the process of mailing the other one. My son loved the blanket so much that I knitting him one for Christmas. (It is also a pattern from the lionbrandwebsite) Yesterday I finished my daughter poncho that I started a long time ago, but set aside for other projects. I am about half way done with a poncho for me, I did finish it, but didn't like the way it turned out so I frogged it and started all over from the very beginning. With the weather turning chilly again I decided I really should finish it! I am working on a bunch of other projects for Christmas!

I admit I take my knitting everywhere! It's been to church, to ballet class (while waiting for my daughter), to the library, on vacation to Hawaii, back home to the beach, to the mountains, and it will go with me on vacation to Tahoe next week!

Once I figure out how to do photos, links and other fun things I will update my blog.

Happy Knitting!

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