Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Farewell Tea

A dear friend from our church is moving and the ladies of my church honored her with a Farewell Tea over the weekend. The tea was lovely with a variety of delicious tea sandwiches, delightful appetizers, tasty scones, delectable desserts and lots of pots of hot tea.

I brought a plateful of sugar shapes (roses) - which I didn't think were my best work, but everyone there thought they were beautiful. (I saw Martha Stewart create them on her show last summer, and this tea was a good reason to try making them.) I also make my favorite spritz cookies in lovely pink flowers and delightful purple butterflies using my wonderful cookie press. They received a lot of compliments on how great they tasted. Now I am not a big fan of traditional scones, but I found a recipe somewhere several years ago and it is the only one I will use now. They went over so well, that I was asked to make them for our annual Mother's Day Tea in May. My favorite picks from the tea were the Walnut Pesto Cream Cheese sandwiches, Egg Salad Sandwiches (I have to find out who made those!), and the Sundried Tomato Cucumber Open Faced Sandwich. Lauren said her favorite tea was the Stawberry Shortcake Flavor!

Everyone had a really wonderful time and our dear friend enjoyed seeing everyone before they move in a couple of weeks. She won't be far, but as Lauren shared with us today, it won't be the same with out Mr. and Mrs. B at church. She will miss having tea with Mrs. B and having Mr. B read to her in the library at church. I don't think this will be our last tea together I am sure we will a good reason to have another tea before too long!


Mama Bear said...

That sounds like a lovely tea! I have to admit just reading about it made me hungry ;)

What a nice way to let someone know they will be missed.

Pearly Pink said...

I have to admit I was really getting hungry writing it up!

Marcia said...

The tea does sound lovely. I'd like to see a picture of the cookies you made. :)

Your squares for Aaron's afghan are very nice. I also like the front panel for the jumper. The bright colors are so happy looking.