Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Knitting Bargains and Books

Today we were at Michael's Craft Store and they had an entire row of crafts that were 90% off. We picked up several knitting booklets, and a Klutz Embroidery book Kit for only $2! One knitting booklet has patterns for matching doll and girl's sweaters (even a dress and vest were included) up to size 12, the other pattern booklet had mom's and daughter's sweaters. The third booklet had 12 different patterns for dishclothes using a variety of heart motifs.

A friend of my mine gave me a couple of knitting books, but I already had one and didn't really need the other. Today I exchanged them for "The Knitter's Bible"at the book store. I couldn't' find a second book that I just had to have (and matched the cost), so we picked up a book for the kids to use with their Scrabble board game. After the trip to Michael's and the bookstore, we stopped off at the library to pick up the knitting books I requested, "The Yarn Girls Guide to Beyond the Basics," "Scarf Style" and "Fast Knit, Fast Needles." The last book is a bit odd, not quite what I was expecting, so it may go back a lot sooner than they other two.

Yesterday I took my knitting bag when I took Tyler for his regular orthodontist check up. While we were waiting, I showed Lauren how to purl. She did very well even though she hasn't much experience with smaller needles and yarn, but after a she practiced she caught on quite quickly. Last night she helped me some more, and told me she was reciting her knitting poem to help her.

"Under the Fence
Catch the Sheep
Back you come
Off you leap"

I am glad we are sticking to one project at a time, I can sure see our progress. I do admit last night after seeing a scarf with hearts posted on the knithelp.com forums, I almost got out my pink yarn to make a Valentine's scarf. I didn't, but printed out the instructions, just in case! The picture is an example of the pattern.

(Heart Scarf from Knitty.com)

Also I will try and see if I can get some photo's from the tea, I had thought to take a picture of the cookies and sugars...but I forgot. Thanks for the nice comments on the tea, blanket squares and jumper. Don't forget to have a cup of your favorite tea (or coffee) while knit this week!

Happy Knitting!


Mama Bear said...

Come to visit with a cup of tea!

I love a good bargain. Great deal on the knitting books and extras. Isn't it wonderful fun to share our knitting with our daughters.

The way my granddaughter is about my knitting, I am sure I'll have her hooked once she's old enough not to poke someone in the eye with the needle.

Pearly Pink said...

Mama Bear, I almost spit my tea out when I read the last sentence!

Mama Bear said...

Glad to make you laugh while we enjoy some tea ;)

My granddaughter makes a lot of people laugh. She's a pill, but an adorable one!