Tuesday, January 9, 2007

A Little school, a little sewing, a little knitting...

We are back in school, the children concentrating on Science and History for the next two weeks. They are also back to their weekly dance classes, and taking a few extras to make up the ones they missed while on vacation. Grades are due soon, so I will be getting the paperwork done and turned in soon, as well as preparing for the third quarter.

I want to get some sewing in pretty soon, but need to finish up a little bit of cleaning before I can pull out the sewing machine. Lauren enjoys helping me with the sewing so it's good motivation in helping me pick up. I have three T-shirt dresses to make for her, and a couple of other patterns that I would like to finish up. Humm, sounds like a trend of having too many projects going at once!

Which I am pleased to say I have only worked on her jumper dress and making good progress. I will try and get my photo posted this week. I have a lot I could put up on here. All the rest of the projects are organized and put in their places, so I can focus on this one project. I did take it today to Lauren's ballet class, but found out it hard to count stitches when the teacher is counting the beat! Once I got past the row I was decreasing stitches on, it was almost time for the class to be over, so I didn't really accomplish that much. I spent part of the time redo the decrease row because I counted wrong!

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