Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Considering Changes

I am considering making a few changes to my blog. I want to lighten the colors - although I love pink, I am finding this layout to be rather dark. I am also considering changing the title to "My Knitting Garden." I think now that I am getting the hang of blogging I need to do some sprucing up. I created another one so I could test out a few of my ideas and if I like them I will merge the two together. My laptop is waiting for a new hard drive and I won't have access to my photos and other of my programs so I will just work on the blogs with what I have access to here on our desktop.

I am almost completely finished with Lauren's Jumper, but had to set it aside for a few days to take care of other things. Our plan is to have it done for my dad's birthday party on Saturday. I am also working on making a large farm themed birthday cake for my dad, so I have been busy with trying to find recipes, getting supplies together and getting the cake baked. I will keep you posted on if I do change the blog over.

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