Friday, February 23, 2007

Knitting and My Other Hobbies

There is not much to report on the knitting front. The jumper is seamed and I have begun to do the picot edging. However, the picot instructions completely baffle me, even with some help from the knitting forums. It would seem to me (and another person who was attempting to help me) that my pattern instructions are for a modified picot stitch...which I would rather label as the confused picot stitch. I have pretty much decided to scrap the pattern instructions and just do a regular picot stitch and get on with finishing this project.

I have the neck edging finished and working on the arm edgings. I ended up doing a very simple picot edging with two slip stitches between the picots. It is really helping the edges to not roll in and giving it a much more tailored look.

With some of the extra yarn I made up a headband to go with the jumper (no pic, it's MIA at the moment) and plan to knit up some pockets to add to it. I have tried several different stitch patterns for the headband and decided I wanted to try the stitch pattern from "My So Called Scarf." It turned out to be quite easy to knit - as long as I concentrated on doing the stitch pattern correctly and to not knit it too tightly. I think it uses a lot of yarn but it does knit up pretty study and thick, thus making for a nice and warm scarf and a nifty little headband. For the pockets I want to do something different than just a plain stockinette stitch and will knit up fast, but haven't really decided on what pattern to use yet. Since I have figured out the cute little picot stitching I am considering doing that around the edges of each pocket.

My Other Hobbies...

I had to pull out my sewing machine to fix Lauren's Cinderella Dress so she could wear it to the Disney On Ice Show last night. That got me to thinking I need to get some other sewing done. There are several dress patterns and fabric just waiting for me to pull them out of the closet.

I just found out about another cake decorating class and signed up for it. I can now make roses, pansies, violets, and a variety of other flowers, borders, hearts, etc. What is left to learn?? to make the actual cake, have yet to get that perfected. I guess I better get busy, I have a make a birthday cake next week for a birthday party!

Cinderella makes me think of the Disneyland Scrapbooks from our vacation that I need to finish. It would probably be a good idea to finish those before we schedule another family vacation to the "Happiest Place on Earth."

Then there are my Cookie Molds...for chocolate, paper casting, and cookie painting. I recently made up about 30 paper casting for a craft night at my church. I thought about making some smaller casting for cards, plus Easter is coming up, chocolate Easter Eggs are easy treats to make. Or painting Easter Egg Cookies, the kids always enjoy painting cookies.

I am also reminded that I used to make greeting cards with my rubber stamps, which I really do enjoy, but only pull out once in awhile. I guess I have a few hobbies and interests other than knitting.


Marcia said...

The jumper is so very cute!

I have been wanting to take a cake decorating class. A local craft store here offers wilton classes and I think I'll be able to fit it in during the summer. My mom always made the most fantastic cakes growing up - and then our wedding cakes.

Danna said...

Seems I must go to your blog to find out what you are doing - such busy people! How fun to have a new camera and a wonderful Valentine's Day dinner. I enjoy loking at all your projects. Glad you had a nice weekend with friends. The jumper is adorable - will Lauren wear it next weekend? Bring it, even if she doesn't wear it.