Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Late Night Seaming

Back from our friends where I worked on Tyler's blanket and my shawl. My friend's daughter, who is almost 3, loved playing with "her noodles" - which were an extra pair of circular resin needles that I had in my knitting bag- and my extra ball of thick yarn. We put little "sock" protectors on them, which only detered her for an hour or soon. She tried to help me knit a couple of times, but found it a lot interesting to unwide my yarn to my shawl. (I, of course, got some great pictures of her! Decided for privacy reasons to not post them on my blog.)

It's very late and will have to put the jumper down for the night. I am almost finish seaming it! I have a pretty full week so I will have try to squeeze in a quick trip to our LYS so I can finish the edging! I can't wait to get it finish so Lauren can wear it!

I gotta get some sleep!

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