Friday, February 16, 2007

Stash Photo Album

I dragged all my yarn which my daughter and son both commented "Wow you have a lot of yarn!" Well, it didn't seem like so much until I started photographing them.

I created an album of my stash and the idea is for this album to get smaller and the Projects album to get bigger. Some of the yarn I am not even sure if I will use it for what I had originally purchased it for. A couple yarns I am not even sure of why we bought them.

I did order a few pattern online today to use with my big baby yarn and after reviewing my yarn stash it gave me a few ideas for the others.

I better get all this yarn put away or I might want to start another project. I still want to get the other panel blocked before we visit our friends this weekend. Enough blogging and back to work...knitting work that is!

P.S. Scroll down the right hand side and click on "Knitting Stash Photo Album".

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Anonymous said...

So, where are the pictures?