Thursday, February 15, 2007

Updates and Valentine Day Suprises!

I am still working on finishing up the second panel of the jumper, and only just a little bit left to finish. I decided to go ahead and block the first panel this afternoon. This the first project I have blocked (other than a couple of wash clothes :-D ) so I took my time at measuring and pinning it down. I think I will leave it over the weekend since we have plans with friends and can get it plenty of time to dry.

These pictures are with my NEW CAMERA! My DH surprised me at dinner last night with a new camera! I had been wanting one, but never expected to get it for Valentines! So I just had to try it out with one of my knitting projects. (Thanks DH!)

Valentine's Day Dinner

I couldn't resist putting up my first pictures from my new came of our Valentine's Day Dinner with my family. We had dinner in the kitchen at Buca di Beppo and it was a very busy and very loud! While we enjoyed our dinner we watched them prepare all kinds of their delicious menu items. We sat directly across from where they cook the main entrees and hot appetizers. To the left (of where we are sitting in the first pic) they make the salad and desserts, and then over on the other side they bring people through the kitchen to seat them in one of the dining rooms, as well as make the pizzas and a couple of other appetizers. This was our second time sitting in the kitchen, the first time was a lot quieter and slow since it was a Tuesday night and a different location.

"If you can't stand the heat, Stay out of the Kitchen."
The manager took our picture with my new camera as well as with his. His picture went into a photo album that we got to sign.

Take out bags are loaded with entrees, appetizers, bread and desserts. This picture only shows a half of what is waiting to be picked up!


Just a sample of what is on their menu. All the food is served family style.

Cheese pizza, which was surprisingly good! We decided next time we eat at Buca we order pizza. (or our other favorite "Chicken Saltimbocca" yummy!)

It was a great experience and I still can't believe I got a camera!

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