Monday, February 5, 2007

Hello My Name is...

...Pearly Pink and I am a "Stashie." Yep I joined today and I will abide by the rules set forth for "The Year of the Stash 2007". I only started knitting last year and I already have yarn stashed away in three rooms of our house...shhh, don't tell my DH - too late I think he will probably have read this by the time I try to move them.

I even found out I get extra credit for frogging my shawl and redoing it! I doubt that I will go out an get more yarn. I really do not need to add any more to stash. I just want to get Lauren's jumper done and finish up all the projects that I started and left on the needles. I am very please with out the Party Ribbon Shawl is turning out. So with those two project in my bag I am going to keep working on those and finish up those just as soon as I can.

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DH said...

Oh man, this is going to be great!