Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Knitting Photo Album

I figured out how to do a web photo album and put in a few pictures of several knitting projects. Just click on the picture below "Knitting Photo Album" on the right hand side. I have several others I will post when I can.

I was doing quite well on Lauren's jumper, but noticed I missed a stitch and frogged about 5 rows and I am now in the process of redoing them. That of course was after I did the same thing over the weekend...hence the reason I should never knit this while riding in a van that had too much bouncing! I ended up having to take out a whole section, so needless to say progress has slowed down.

As for the Shawl, it's slow too, but I don't seem to be missing stitches, just have to concentrate on the seed stitch. It is looking sooooo much better than all the other attempts at this shawl! This photo shows progress so far. It's about 18 inches wide right now and 9 inches long. It's a lot more sturdy and there doesn't seem to have the problem with the ribbon pulling out into big loops. It should have no problem holding a shape when I am wearing it. I haven't quite got through one ball, but I have 5 to work with. Not sure if I will need all five, but it nice to know I have plenty on hand.

This is what the shawl looked like before I frogged it. I didn't block it, but it wouldn't have matter too much, it's very "lacy"and has so much give that it doesn't really hold a good shape. There is definitely a different in how the color works up on it also. Does wash up nicely thought.

Maybe I will have both projects finished up by Valentine's??

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Mama Bear said...

I had a frogging and ripping weekend too. One edging I had to frog 4 times!

Glad you found the right pattern for your shawl :) The colors mix well without pooling!

I look forward to seeing the jumper.