Sunday, March 18, 2007

Geek Code for Knitters

I kept seeing something called the "Knitter's Code" in knitter signatures on Knitting's forums, an odd list of abbreviations, symbols and numbers. Curious to find out more about this strange language I clicked on the link and found this explanation from So I read through it and decided to give it a try. Basically it's explains what kind of knitter you are, your knitting interests, knitting experience and abilities, written out in a simple code.

Here is a try at mine...

KER+ Exp SPM Den++ Bam Syn+ Cot Lux> Stash++@ Scale++@> Fin@ Tex+> Lace> Ent> Felt> Flat+ Circ> Swatch KIP++ Blog FO31 WIP5 W++B++ ALTsw+++

Code Translation:
K = I am a Knitter.
E = I knit the English way.
R = I do most of my knitting (forming the majority of stitches) using my right hand.
+ = I enjoy knitting and try to find as much time to knit as I can.
Exp = I am experienced enough to have finish a few projects, can usually figure out a pattern with help, probably more of an an advance beginner now, having knit for a little over a year now.
SPM++ = Stitches per minutes, when I am on a roll I can knit pretty quickly, but...
@ = that could vary depending on the project, when I am learning a new stitch, I slow up quite a bit!
Den++ = I knit mainly with my Denise Needle, love them, use them almost all the time now. My other choice for needles are...
Bam = Bamboo needles, used these before I discovered the Denise needles, still have them on hand.
Syn+ = So far most of my projects have been easy care yarns, nothing too luxurious.
Cot = So far only wash clothes in cotton.
Lux> = Would like to try some more luxurious yarns
Scale++ = I have knit several projects, easy scarves to a child's jumper. Also large blankets with an easy pattern.
@ = some projects easy some more difficult, amount of time certainly varies also.
> = would like to make more complicated patterns in the future.
Fin@ = Finishing projects are not my best skill yet, but I know they have to be done to make a project complete. Haven't done a lot of seaming yet.
Tex@>= A few times I have tried textures, no cables or aran, certainly want to try cables come day!
Lace> = I have do a tiny bit of lace, but do want to learn some more advanced lacing.
Ent> = I definitely want to learn to do entrelac!
Felt> = Felting, want to learn had to do that also!
Flat+ = Lots of flat knitting, and a few seams
Circ = I haven't attempted any circular type knitting, would love to try it on Becka's flower power wash clothes!
Swatch = Attempt to do it, not always good results
KIP++ = Lots of knitting in public places, church, dental office, ortho office, dance studio, waiting for kids...
Blog = Yes, I have a blog..."My Knitting Garden"
FO = Finished Objects - I lost count about 25 or was it 26, 27, no maybe 25...I can't remember. ETA: I just did a list and come up with 31. So for now it's 31
WIP = Works in Progress...5 or 6 or I think it's 6, I put 5, I can't find them all at the moment. ETA: Found 6, in addition one that is swatched, but not on the needles.
W++ = I like worsted weight yarn, knitted a few projects with it, not too bad.
B++ = I have knitted with a lot of bulky yarn, mainly for blankets, so lots of bulky yarn. Quick knitting...well on smaller smaller projects that aren't blankets, then it's quick knitting.
ALTsw+++ = Sewing, what seems like forever, thanks to my Mom, my 4-H club, and my Aunt Susan. I still have more fabric that yarn, but that is quickly changing!

Not sure it's completely accurate, but you get the pictures, uh, code. So what's your knitter's code?? If you would like to post yours, please do!

I have been working on two projects the past few days, Moss Knit Blanket and Triangle Shawl. Both use a K P pattern, which makes up a nice stitch pattern, but I could use a change of pace from having to make sure the yarn is either is front or back. I do have some simple projects I could do, but just really want to finish up the shawl and make some good progress on the blanket, Tyler is getting very anxious for me to finish it up for him!

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Becka the Spoiled Knitter said...

You know, I need to do my Knitters Geek Code, too! I am going to have to put that on my list, LOL!