Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Shawl and Blankets

It has been a busy Easter! We enjoyed a full weekend and I didn't really do much knitting at all. I did get a lot of cookies baked and bake and decorate two cakes for Easter Sunday. I knitted when I could, every little bit helps.

Last week I posted that I was trying the summer shawl, I finally gave up. I will either just make something else with the yarn or attempt it at a late date. I put that yarn away and pulled out the triangle shawl and finished it. I had put off sewing in the ends long enough.

So...here is the Triangle Shawl, finished. I ended up using only one button and one loop. It's just too slippery to not have something. Now to find something to wear it with??

I am going to try to take a better picture, but here is one for now...

Close up of Cast off edge:

I am working on two blankets right now. I would guess I am about halfway done with this one. It will be my third one in this pattern. (LB Wool Ease Thick and Quick)

This is one of the squares for my daughter's blanket. I finished this blue square while I was waiting for her at ballet. Each Square is about 10 inches x 10 inches. We now have 2 pinks, 2 blues, 2 purples, and I need 2 more of each of those. (LB Homespun Yarn)

I have a couple of other projects that I am considering. One is a Garter Drop Stitch Tank Top using LB Ribbon, I swatched it last year about this time. I got a little intimated by it so I put it away. I also have a vest pattern and jacket pattern I want to do. Maybe I will swatch the vest yarn? Or find some yarn for the jacket pattern. I probably won't start anything new until I finish up the two blankets.


Marti said...

I was just surfing the Christian bloggers and found you. I think you are doing a great job on your blog. I love it that you knit with Lion brand. So many knitters wont use the less expensive stuff. Myself I have tons of LB yarn. I like it!

Marcia said...

The shawl looks really nice! Reds and greens are among my favorite color combinations.