Friday, April 13, 2007

New Ideas, New Yarn, New Photos

I took back a lot of yarn to Michael's and exchanged it for several other yarns, and even then I had $25 store credit! I exchanged it for Paton's SWS in natural pink to make a booga bag, but even though I checked the other day they only had two skeins left today! I need one more. I also picked up Caron's Simply Soft to use for a skirt and a dress for Lauren. The dress has a tricky pattern using two colors so I am going to practice before I even attempt the dress. They were nice enough to give me store credit to use later when they restock.

Update: I stopped by another Michael's and picked up two more skeins of the SWS, and it was the same lot number, yeah. I adjusted the pattern to make it a little bigger and started the bottom. This yarn is really soft to work with, but does shred a bit.

I also swatched the yarn for the skirt for Lauren and it was off just bit, so I see if I can adjust it. Both the bag and skirt are knit in the round so I wonder if they will be "fast" projects since it all knit in the garter stitch, which magically turns into Stockinette! Then again I haven't ever done knitting in the round yet, so it might not be very fast at first! The last time I tried it I couldn't figure out how to join the first round!

I finished a scarf for Lauren yesterday that I started back when we were on vacation at Christmas. We found the yarn at The Wool Tree when we were on vacation in Lake Tahoe in November. It's Heaven by Plymouth Yarns, completely washable and dry safe.

I swatched my Artisan Vest using my Big Baby yarn, fast and easy once I got the simple pattern stitch down. The gauge was right on with the pattern gauge, and I should have just enough yarn to finish it. I haven't actually cast on since I don't want to start something else until I am farther along on both of the blankets. I do have several projects I am considering besides the vest, just trying to figure out which one to do next. Always good to have one easy one to work on and one that is more challenging. Then I still get to knit and relax with an easy project, and work on my knitting skills with another.

Here is some great yarn I got the other day in the mail from here. I haven't used this type of yarn, but it was worth the price to try it out. I received a free pattern with each yarn purchase and will likely use both. One is a long lightweight vest, the other a pullover vest or top.

This is Bella Colour By Plymouth in Mint:

This is South West Trading Company Bamboo Yarn in Bougainvillea Color.

This is Paton's SWS in Natural Pink for the Booga Bag:

I updated both Knitting Albums, with the new yarns, more completed projects and updates on the other projects. Ok, back to work, laundry to do, kids room to clean (help clean!), make dinner, clean the kitchen, clean the living room, and knit!


Becka the Spoiled Knitter said...

Girl, I LOVE, LOVE bamboo yarn and I am torn as to whether to get a bag of bamboo from them or some Debbie Bliss from littleknits! Nice score, I must say!
Did you start with your knitting int the round again? I think Amy's video shows where you are having problems, you might want to look at it!
Happy Knitting
LOL...I don't have a big stash, but I'm working on it...LOL!

Marcia said...

New yarn! How fun! I quite like knitting in the round :).