Saturday, May 5, 2007

All Finished! Booga Bag!!

Ok, here is it is! Yeah, I finished my first Boogo Bag! I learned a few new techniques with this.
1. How to pick up stitches (used on the bottom)
2. Knit in the round
3. Make an I Cord (I used 6 stitches on this one for a thicker cord)
4. How to knit an applied I Cord Bind off.
5. How to felt...and refelt...shape and put it all together!

And a couple of other projects. First the yellow dishcloth from my Monthly KAL ... humms looks like it might be something of the flowers variety. The pink cloth is the beginning of a ballet slipper dishcloth to give as a gift to the one of the dance teachers.

And my latest project, a tank top for me in LB Ribbon yarn.
This is the back panel of the top:

Close up of stitch pattern:


Marcia said...

the bag looks great and the other projects are nice too! Can't wait to see the finished tank.

Dale said...

I love your bag and the colors too! I haven't attempted a felting project yet.