Tuesday, August 7, 2007

New Computer

I am writing this blog on my new laptop! My other one was still under warranty and the company was taking such a long time to repair it, they just decided to send me brand one. I am having to get use the feel of the keyboard, Windows Vista (used to XP), and making sure we transferred everything before we return the other one. DH spent most of last night getting everything off the old one, after we got home from a quick date night.

On the home front of replacing our floor, the kitchen floor is completely out and my DH has to do some repair work on area of the floor that must have had damage in the past. Last night we looked at flooring again and I think we are getting down to what we like and what will work best for us. Even though I packed up stuff in the living room I put back the majority of it yesterday. It just makes me feel better to see the living room together even if it's just a little! And when I do pack it up again to remove the carpet and put in the new floor, I can take more time to declutter and reorganize.

Today I am taking the kids to a local museum for their "Sizzling Semiconductor Summer 2007" program, and to the library. They are participating in the annual summer reading program at our public library and are really enjoying it this year. Tyler was excited because he got to participate in the Junior High version. He is reading a Christian series called "Oracle of Fire" and is currently on the second in the series. He is a an avid reader and we often find him reading instead of going to sleep or doing his chores! He is anxiously awaiting the third in the Eragon series. (Although he liked the movie, he was very disappointed it strayed away so far from the books. Definitely the books are better! I am listening to "Eldest" on CD,and I am getting into them as much as he is!)

I knit when I can, but I need to get prepare for our school year. Before I do anymore planning we are going to clean out our books and supplies, there is so much we don't really need anymore, and it's just taking up space. We will take it slow and steady and even if I don't get all finished this week, we will still start our school year on Monday. We always take the first weeks of school slow so we can settle into our new routine. Right now it's just nice to have a little break.

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Theresa said...

It has taken me awhile to get used to Vista. I really miss XP because I knew how to fix things on it. Vista is okay, but none of the "advances" have really been that beneficial for me. I enjoyed catching up today as I am behind on reading blogs. Can't to see what your kitchen is going to look like.