Saturday, August 11, 2007

School, Floors and Knitting

It's been busy, but a different kind this week. My husband has finished what he could in the kitchen to remove the floor and has moved on into the living room. Our plan is to have the floors completed before the end of August. After looking at all kinds of flooring, we came home today with two samples and will likely order on Monday. The flooring store we decided to go with was extremely helpful and gave us lots of great advice.

We officially start our 2007-08 school year on Monday. This week I finalized our proposed calendar, prepared curriculum lists and began to pull together school supplies, books and lessons. I am just about done planning our first quarter. I only need to do some daily planning with a couple of subjects. We are pretty much good to go Monday Morning!

About a month ago I started a diet through Weight Watchers Online. I had my yearly physical and my blood work came back that I have high cholesterol. I am not sure if I was more bummed by the high cholesterol, or that fact I had to go back for another blood test in December! I really dislike needles! But, I diverge. As a result I have lost 10 pounds since I started in July. So today I did some remeasuring and realized the Garter Drop Knit Tank Top was going to be too big. I sort of felt like that from the beginning, but figured it was ok and I would just live with it. Well, losing 10 pounds gave me a reason to do it over! I took out the two balls I was using on the top part of it and the shoulders and rewound them up nicely. I didn't frog ("rip it" "rip it" out) the rest of it, instead I just took the end of the yarn where I left off and use it to cast on a smaller size. I can just knit from the larger size to the smaller size!

Maybe I can get it done before we have a quick family vacation in a few weeks. Had some last minute changes (doesn't that always happen after you make plans, especially when you homeschool!) and scheduled a trip the first week of September. I was able to make some quick adjustments, but basically we will just make up the lessons missed and get back on track as soon as we return.


Robyn said...

Good for you getting school planned out! We aren't going to homeschool this year...just too much has gone on and God provided the funds to send the kids to a private school that is very homeschool friendly. :) I'm sure your floors will look really nice. Have a great week!

DotMom (a.k.a. Julie) said...

Hi Sandi --

Good to hear that you're getting your curriculum all lined up. We'll be doing that next week and then starting after Labor Day.

I'm not sure I realized you were also a homeschooler. But, it's always nice to find others in the same boat, so to speak!!