Friday, September 7, 2007

Home Sweet Home

We left Monday for Disneyland and arrived to 105 degree weather in the early evening. Fortunately the weather cooled down as the week went by. We got home about 7:00 to much cooler weather, but very gray, dingy skies in San Jose. (A big fire during the week.) We are all exhausted!

I tried to knit at Disneyland, but wasn't the best experience. I eventually lost the patten directions, but by that time I didn't really care. Ok, never try a new pattern, even if it is a tiny dishcloth. A lot of people will stare at you, your husband will roll his eyes every time you get it out, and you will get some interesting comments. The strangest was when one of the cast members said "now you just need someone to worry?"...Ok, that was weird. I bought a set of cheap needles to use so I wouldn't lose my good ones, I didn't really like them at all! I am not a metal needle gal, much more partial to my Denise Needles!

I did finish the panels for my tank top, then took it with me and finished sewing in the ends and the seams at the hotel. I did want to wear it, but didn't. One it looked too big still and I was afraid it was going to be too hot layered with another tank top. I need to wash it and block or put in the dryer and see if it shrinks! I am glad it's finished!

Pictures and more later on. No promises, I still have to unpack, and we have to start putting the kitchen and living room back together! I still have lessons plans to do, prepare for Awana and get our schedule on the calendar. Dance classes start and lots coming up as our school year is not fully under way!

Have a great Weekend everyone! Sandi

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Becka the Spoiled Knitter said...

LOL, what an odd comment from that person about your KIPing, I'm afraid i just don't understand, LOL!
I've never been to DisneyLand, World yes, many,many times because we live in SE GA & have family in FL, so I started going as a child, as soon as it opened! I haven't been in years, it's "dated" compared to all of the virtual parks, but personally .... I like "dated"...I must talk to Lonnie, we may need to plan a Disney trip next fall!
looking forward to seeing your pics!