Thursday, August 30, 2007


Here is a photo of the back panel to the Tank Top. I still have to sew in the ends and block it. I haven't got very far on the front panel, cut would like to have it finished so I can wear it on our vacation (a good incentive to finish it up!). I did get a little done at the orthodontist office today and had a great conversation with a couple of cute little girls and their mom about knitting. (From "Knit Simple" Magazine, Spring/Summer '06 Issue, page 43)

The Feather and Fan Shawl is about half way done. In this photos it's about 33 inches, but hard to tell the width because it doesn't lay flat and bunches up. It's also not the greatest yarn to knit with when the weather is warm. It may be the project I take in the car for our vacation, since it don't have to concentrate so hard it now that I have gotten pattern down.

Here is a picture of what part of our new floor looks like. The two pictures above were taken on our new floor. The molding still needs to be put around the edges, probably get that finished this weekend.

The children finished up their Sizzling Summer Semiconductor Program at Intel today. After they completed their final activity, they were each given a nice bag of surprises. We stopped at the library on the way back from Intel, and I got a few books for myself. However on the way to home at lunchtime I noticed the air conditioning wasn't working too well, then something dinged, and I pulled into a parking lot and realized that the car's heat sensor was all the way to H!

After lunch, filling the van up with water, and about a dozen calls to John, we headed home. But the car just kept staying hot. We waited a bit, then left for the Orthodontist appointment. Well, after we got the orthodontist, another phone call to John prompted him to meet us there. He took the van and now it's in the shop waiting for another check tomorrow to see if we can solve the problem. Thankfully we discovered the problem now instead of on the way to Southern CA on Monday. We may not have the van to take with us, but we do have a smaller car, so we may have to pack a lot lighter for Disneyland!

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Robin said...

Your knitting and floors look great!

When are you going to Disneyland? We wanted to go sometime this fall, but I don't think it's going to happen. Maybe next spring!