Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Knitting Ministry

When I first started knitting and really getting into it as a hobby I saw how many charities there were out there for knitters. I thought it would be great to start something like that at my church. A few weeks ago I was talking with the new Women's Ministry Director at our church and shared with her my idea for a knitting ministry, and she gave me the go-ahead to start one!

I did some research, jotted down some ideas and tried to figure out a plan of action. I didn't really want to just have a "knitting club" but rather wanted it to be a ministry with a purpose that could be benefit to our church and community. I also wanted it to be a time when other knitters (or those who want to learn) to be able to get together and fellowship while we knit our projects.

After we returned home from Disneyland I found out they wanted to highlight this new ministry at our next Mini-Retreat for Women's Ministries. At the retreat we fellowship, eat, have a time of Bible study, and learn about the various ministries in the church that we can be in involved with. That meant I had to finalize my mission statement and my plan!

This week I have been working on putting together my plan and writing up a simple mission's statement. I decided the best way to start is to do something very simple, knitting shawls. Based on the idea from the Prayer Shawl Ministry that was created 1998. My plan is teach new knitters the garter stitch, and depending on their comfort level, they can make a panel or a complete shawl. Those who are experienced knitters can choose their own pattern and yarn. We can even do some small lap type blankets, and triangle shaped shawls to add some variety. I just bought a bunch of yarn that was on sale at JoAnn's to help get people started. These shawls will go to those members of our church who are house bond or in need of some comfort. I hope to get a list so that if someone wants to make one for a specific person that can.

After that then I will see what other needs there might be within our church, maybe do blankets or other items for charity depending on the interest and skills of those who come. I haven't worked out all the details yet, dates, times. I am anxious to see if anyone is interested this Saturday and if we can get it going!


Marcia said...

That sounds great, Sandi! I think giving them to homebound individuals is a wonderful idea. I hope it goes well.

Robin said...

I think your knitting ministry idea is great. I've thought about doing something like that at my church, but the timing hasn't been right yet. I'll be interested to hear how yours works out.


Jen said...

That's a great idea! I hope it goes well.