Saturday, November 24, 2007

An Early Christmas Gift For Me

For several years I have gotten up early and headed out for those "Black Friday" shopping specials. Usually it was with a group of friends or with my SIL and nieces. Last year I got up long enough to take my son to Target, pick up a few things and then come back home. Really I didn't miss any of the shopping, probably more the experience of being with friends or family hunting out bargains. This year I hadn't planned on it at all. Most places were opening at an hour I preferred to be snug and warm in my bed. That was until I saw the Michael's Craft Store ad.

There isn't really much incentive for me to go out before the sun comes out, the dew on the grass is still frozen solid, and you have to wait to warm up the car long enough to see out the front window. Especially when you are going at the Black Friday alone. But I did my research and determined that this purchase would be worth the 5:15 wake up call, showered, dressed and arrived at the Michael's store (fortunately only 10 minutes from house!) at 5:50 a.m. I decided to not wait in the car and just get in line, even though there were only about 10 people already lined up. A wise choice on my part I would later discover. I waited quietly in line and listened to the others chat about where they had already been, one lady had been up since 3:30 am and Michael's was her third stop, she was heading to another store after she got what she wanted here. We watched as the employees got their registers ready and then the doors opened a few minutes before 6:00.

With ads in had we walked in and quickly asked where the hot product we were all waiting for was. The manager said "This is all we have right here." My heart sank a bit, but I decided to just get another line and see what would happen. A person in front of me must have decided not to get it and left, and fortunately I got one of the last three boxes. Ok, remember, I said that getting in line and not waiting in the car was a wise choice. A lot of people got out of their cars right before the store opened and got in line behind me, a costly mistake on their part. Many of them had come to get this hot product and were sorely disappointed when they saw the store only had about 10 of them. (I learned later some stores would only have as little as 3! )

I got the box, which was rather heavy and went and picked up an accessory item and tried to do some more shopping. However I failed to get a cart, which again proved to be a positive move on my part. The box was quite heavy and a lot of people were asking me where I got the item from and I was having to set down to look at stuff. Realizing that I shouldn't set down and shop..and that the coupon I had for the other items couldn't be used on my now prized possession, I decided to just get in line, pay for it, take it to the car and come back. I went to the car dropped off my new treasure and went back inside to shop. I checked my watch for the time, 6:15! Wow, all that happened in 15 minutes! So I went back and shopped, and returned home with by 7:00 with my new....


I never really was interested in the product until I recently watched a info commercial for it. Then I saw the ad for Michael's and the price, but still was bit skeptical. So I did a lot of reading about it and decided it was worth getting up at 5 am and getting myself and early Christmas gift.

As for knitting I didn't buy anything for knitting...well, unless you count the beads and bead kit so I could learn to make my own stitch markers! I am about half way done with my Christmas gifts. (Becka, I am on number 10!) As so as I finish up this post I am back to work on my knitting. I haven't even opened the new cricut since we were visiting friends and we have a busy Sunday.

Oh, and after I got back home, set my bags and box down, I went back to bed and slept until 9!

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