Thursday, November 1, 2007

Welcome November

Fall is here, the leaves are changing colors and the weather is getting colder. Last night our church had is first "Harvest Festival" and it was very successful. We have over 100 children attend with their families. Our friends from Tennessee arrived last night just before the festival was over, much to delight of many of their church friends! They will be here in California for the next two week visiting with us and others.

I come down with a nasty cold last week, and when I wasn't sleeping, I just sat. I did get in some knitting working on Christmas gifts. (Becka if you are reading this, I am on number 6!) I have several projects I want to get out and finish, but with company, a birthday party and as house to get cleaned up, not sure if I can get much of my own knitting in. Yesterday I started feeling a lot better!

Yes, we did feel the earthquake on Tuesday, we are pretty close to what they call the epicenter, but we are all fine. Probably the first time our kids have felt what a real 5.1 quake is like! I didn't live in San Jose at the time of the 1989 quake, but did experience quite a few smaller ones when living in Riverside while attending college. They only make me nervous now because I worry about the kids safety! I suppose if I had been around for 1989 I might be more unnerved by them. Thanks to Brenda for checking on us on Tuesday!

Say Hi if you stop by my blog. Always good to hear from my blogger friends and family! Happy knitting everyone!


John Flowers said...


Love, DH

Robin said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well. Hope you get better soon.

How is your church knitting group going? I've started one too. It has just been me and one other lady. But I think I might have a couple others this week.

Have a good week.