Monday, August 25, 2008

Packing Up

For our Family Vacation to...

Ok, I didn't get any of my WIP finished, even thought I did work on my sweater. Just too busy with school, church and getting ready for our vacation. We leave early Thursday for Florida. Our only concern now, isn't so much the heat, but the rain, as result of Fay. I got my haircut really short, I didn't even have to style it this morning, just combed it, let it dry and put the side up. I have a feeling it won't matter what I do between the rain and humid heat, it will be a wash and wear do for this trip!

I still have to finish up a few things to put in the children's carry ons for the plane, fix up Lauren's costume, and pick up a few last minute items. Overall I have everything, just need to get it packed up. We are having someone stay at the house so I have to make sure the house is picked and neat for her. We got a our tickets today for the Kennedy Space Center today and our entire Disney package over the weekend, so we are set. I just hope the rain doesn't soak us too much!

One of the first places we will visit at Walt Disney World, Cinderella's Castle at the Magic Kingdom Park. Friday we will celebrate DH birthday with lunch at the Liberty Tree Tavern (not for a Character Meal, just a nice lunch) at Magic Kingdom. Depending on the weather we may take in a new park or just get our fill of magic on one park. Ticker
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Robin said...

Have fun!!!

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