Monday, August 11, 2008

Two Disqualifications

Today I had to disqualify two of my WIP Wrestling knitting projects. One reason is that it is way to hot to knit mohair and trying to knit two large shawls isn't very realistic to be done by closing ceremonies. So I have disqualified the Feather and Fan Shawl and the Friendship Shawl.

What I can do is my four projects:

My country sweater needs to be seams and buttons sewn on.

My Flyaway Free Jacket, needs the crochet edging done and one button.

My poncho, needs the other panel knit, seams, and the fun fur crocheted around the edge.

And Lauren's blanket, just needs to be whipped stitched together.

Those will have to be done between school and cleaning the house. I am going to try and sell my curriculum that I don't need next week, and get the house nice and neat before we head out to Walt Disney World.

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Marcia said...

How exciting to go to WDW!