Friday, October 31, 2008

Country Jacket Sweater FO!

I finished my first sweater this morning! Will probably have to be really cold outside to wear it, it's is definitely a jacket style sweater!

Not the greatest pictures, but they are proof I really did finish it! The color is a bit off in all the pictures, think rich navy blue and that is more the true color. I did end up putting in the dryer to finish it up, and it was fine.

Close up of collar:
Those tricky pockets:
And the sweater:


Robin said...

Looks great! I'm doing the sleeves of a sweater a started a couple months ago. It feels like I will never finish!

Sandi said...

Thanks! Oh I forgot to say it took me two years from start to finish! Hopefully my next sweater won't take so long!

Marcia said...

It is very nice! I have never knitted a sweater. They scare me.

Katidids said...

Nice work! It looks so warm. Found you thru Debbie's blog!
I'll be back to visit!