Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Knitting for the new year

Back before Christmas I posted that I saw Starbuck's had Yarn Wreaths on display for Christmas. I also posted I started working on my very own. Marcia even did one herself! However with the rush of the holiday season, I never did get it finished. I do plan to get it done, once we get a little more settled into our routine.

What I did get was an actual wreath from Starbucks! My DH had went into one of our many Starbucks during the holidays and before he left, he went back and asked he could have one after the holidays. It just happened that the person he spoke with said she was the store decorator and asked him for his contact information so she could all him after the holidays. Last week she gave us a call and he came home with this...It's actually the large wreath that sat on one of the display counters. He came home with this wreath on a stand and the box it was standing on, plus the large ball of yarn with the dove on top of it, and it's box for it to stand on. I am not going to take it off the wreath off it's stand just yet, just pack it away as is for now. I am going to use the large ball of yarn in a few weeks for a display at my next knit-a-long at church.

Ok, for the cupcakes, my first didn't come out very well...I had trouble with the two patterns I tried using. I found another pattern from Little Cotton Rabbit, Julie's cupcakes are also adorable, and so are all of her sweet little knitted rabbit, flowers, and a variety of other knitted toys. Her cupcakes are knitted flat and then carefully stitched together. Click on the photo and it will show you more of her sweet styles of cupcakes
I will see how my next attempt is at knitting cupcakes, and hopefully get a few pictures posted for you.

On my cake blog I am asking for help to choose a design for a cake this month. Stop by and take a look and vote for which design you like best!

Happy Knitting!


Marcia said...

Oh lucky you! That's a great wreath.

I was knitting cupcakes for a while and ended up sort of coming up with my own pattern. Of course I don't remember now how I did it. Those are really pretty though. I can't wait to see the ones you make!

Marcia said...

Sandi, you asked about the rag blankets on my blog, but I don't have an email address for you, so I will reply here. My friend has a how-to on her blog. I don't make them exactly the same as she does - I leave out the batting and nix the x's.

here's her entry about them (I believe she has a link to another helpful site as well):

Marcia said...

not sure my other comment went through... let me know if you got the link I sent. Another difference between her rag blankets and mine, I make smaller squares.

Katidids said...

The Cup cakes are great, Look good enough to eat!Nice work