Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday update

It's been an interesting week...

on call for two days for jury duty, with one afternoon in the courtroom, fortunately I was dismissed.

waiting all week to find out to find out if DH was still employed. Notice was given last week that lay off were coming, thankfully he is still employed, a big sign of relief for our family.

trying to pull everything together for my "Purls of Grace" knitting ministry event on Thursday.

reading up on how to do rag quilts, trying to find all the stuff I need for the demonstration on Thursday night. Trying to figure out how much flannel to buy, what colors, to use, how to back them, then trying to get the "barbie" sewing machine to work for the demonstration. (Lauren was my demonstrator for the evening, she was very excited to sew the squares together.)

trying to homeschool two active children, who find that the computer (or just about anything else!) is so much more interesting than their homework.

trying to knit cupcakes for Thursday's party.

Getting cupcakes baked and frosted for Thursday's party. A funny conversation with my daughter regarding cupcakes:

Me: Lauren can you help me with the cupcakes?

Lauren: (Looking a little concerned): I am not sure I can knit, and purl, and do that fancy stuff with them. But I ....

Me: (Realizing she talking about the knitted ones, and not the baking ones!) I interrupt her and say: Oh I don't mean those cupcakes, I mean these cupcakes (pointing to the box of baking mix.)

Lauren: Oh, good, those are lot easier!

I have photos that I will post later of the cupcakes. It's been a long week and tomorrow I have plenty to keep me just as busy as this week was!

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