Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cupcakes and More Projects

I had wanted to do dozen of cupcakes when I starting putting together my plans for my Purls of Grace Ministry. Well, I got three done, and I am not sure I will be knitting anymore. I much prefer the ones you bake and then enjoy later! I did enjoy crocheting the flowers on the top, they are very cute! (I just found that my daughter gave the pink icing one to her friend's mom for her birthday!)

These cupcakes were all knitting using the Little Cotton Rabbits Pattern. I made a mistake on my first one, and missed a row, so my icing is flat instead in the reserve stockinette stitch.

Now I am on to other projects! I have been working mainly on my poncho, but wanted to go ahead and start a baby sweater for charity. I am using the yarn that I had purchased for the cupcakes.

Using the Raspberry colored yarn as my main color and pink for the stripes, this is the Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket. I have the DVD with her daughter Meg Swanson showing how to knit it, which for me, helps out a lot on how to knit this sweater correctly.

I have been working on this poncho for a while. I am much happier with the way it is turning out this time. I am currently on the second panel. The original pattern has a black fun fur trim, I am not sure if I will do that or will see how much extra yarn I have and do a crocheted border to give it a different finish.When I introduced our newest addition to my Purls of Grace Ministry, "Joyful Stitches" I demonstrated rag blankets. Lauren has been doing most of the sewing of the squares and we should be finished soon. The representative from the Community Pregnancy Center is coming to our church this Sunday and I want to have it ready to give to her along with a couple of the crocheted hats that a friend did for the ministry.

I was thrilled when the youth girls at my church wanted to help me with the blankets, I have plenty of fabric for several!

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Robin said...

The cupcakes are cute. I can't wait to see how the rag blanket turns out. I love the colors. Seeing that makes it tempting to try it. Please post a finished pic.