Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No pictures yes, just a short update!

I still haven't got any pictures to post, so you will have to wait just little longer. I am working on a little poncho for my friend's granddaughter, but ran out of fun fur. Fortunately I was able to find one skein on Raverly so I can finish it up soon her birthday is next week!

I have been feeling quite poorly of late, and no I don't believe it's the swine flu, but people do ask, some sarcastically, but others I ask so seriously! I haven't had much energy for much last few days, and even today still don't quite feel myself.

We are slowing transiting to summer, certain activities at church are taking a break for the summer time, while we begin to prepare for others like camp and Vacation Bible School. Our family continues school throughout the summer, but work around our summer activities.

I do hope to get a lot of knitting, have a lot of projects that need to be finished and new ones that I need to get swatch and started. No promises on when I will post pictures, but I will try to get some before too long!

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