Monday, May 11, 2009

Family Update

Happy Monday, here in the Bay Area it's sunny and cool, warming up as the morning speeds along. I have neglected keeping you updated on my blog and reading your blogs, and it time to sit down and do a little of both!

Our family has been busy of late, seems to always happen this time of year. Holidays, birthdays, anniversary, church events, and every day life just seems to overwhelm our schedule. We celebrate Easter with family and friends, and had full weekend of celebrating our risen Savior. Then it was time to purchase a new van, which took another full weekend sorting through our options and costs. We settle on a particular van, and were able to purchase it right away in early April.

DH has been through three rounds of layoff's, the last one coming right on my birthday in April. Again God took care of us and John's job is secure for the time being. Later that night we celebrate all of God's blessings with friends at the most wonderful restaurant at Santana Row in San Jose, Maggianos. Because it was spring break for most of the students around here, it was quite packed, thankfully I had booked our reservations the week before. My favorite part of dinner was the creme brulee we had for dessert, can't think of a better way to end the day!

Then it was time to celebrate our anniversary! Yes, April is a busy month! We dropped the kids off for Vacation Bible School training (they were helpers this year), and we enjoyed a quite evening at home with dinner, a movie, and a new Wii game. The following night we dropped the kids off where our DS attends for Awana, and we enjoyed a very nice dinner at Macaroni Grill. Not quite as nice as Maggianos, but one of our favorite Italian restaurants to get out to every now and then, and both the food and the atmosphere were just right to celebrate 18 years of marriage.

And if that wasn't enough, John's parents arrived from Kentucky soon after and we had a full schedule of activities while they were here. I had the privilege of making them a wedding cake. We enjoyed the week with John's parents, and then Sunday said goodbye to them as they prepare for their first cruise. Between all of that we also had our annual Ladies Tea at our church. I was busy with preparations for that, but managed to finish everything and still spend plenty of time with my in-laws. Now it's time to prepare for our annual Awana Awards night this coming Sunday, and then we have the summer off from teaching on Sunday Evening.

We will not really wrap up school, since we just continue schooling through the summer, but final grades and reports are due in June and I need to work on getting those finished. Then summer will be here and it will be time for camp, vacation Bible school, and other summer activities. Makes me wonder if we ever slow down!

I am squeezing in knitting when I can. I did finish the February Sweater, and started a few more projects. I am looking forward to knitting between lessons, running errands and getting the house picked up. When I can I will post pictures of what I have been working on, (if you are part of Raverly, you can see a few things a started. I do need to update pictures there too!)

Even though our lives are very busy, we are very blessed. I enjoyed a lovely day with my family yesterday as we celebrate Mother's Day with lunch at Panera (yes, I really wanted to eat there!) a movie, then finished the evening off at Famous Dave's (not my favorite, but I know my family enjoys it!). Then I was able to sit and just knit until I fell asleep in my favorite chair!

Hope all of you who are mothers enjoyed a day of rest, and the rest of you treated your mother with lots of love!

I better get this posted and catch up on what my blogger friends have been up to!

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Robin said...

I wondered what happened to you! Thanks for catching us up.