Monday, October 12, 2009

The Good and The Bad

It's been a couple of tough weeks here for, a little of both that good and the bad. I am trying to keep up our daily and somewhat normal routines, but there have been a variety of interruptions, or um...opportunities that have come along and created a bit of chaos to that routine. While some of that chaos is truly good; friends visiting from out of state, a camping weekend with our church family, teaching both at church and home, spending time with friends. The bad has been mingled in there with family issues, loss of a loved ones, friends (and family) dealing with crisis, and just the pure exhaustion of learning to balance it all.

This week is somewhat calmer, with our routine a bit more, well, routine. Our to-do list is long, but a family vacation is not far off. For one week we can just relax, play, and be silly together.

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