Friday, October 16, 2009

Two Finished Projects!

I (finally!) have two finished projects to show off!

I actually finished this project back in May, and just now getting around to taking a photo of it. My Poncho has had quite the adventure over the past 3 years. The pattern was one of four in a brochure I picked up at a craft store. I knitted the child size poncho for my daughter and wanted to try one of the ladies ponchos. I was pretty new to knitting, but wanted to try it as a project for the Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics back in 2006. I did finish it, but it just didn't seem right, the neck opening was too large, and the edges rolled. The fun fur was terrible to crochet with on the edges. So instead of wearing it, the poncho just sat until I decided to completely frog it (the knitter's term for ripping it out!), and started all over...a couple more times. I loved the pattern and the yarn and really wanted to try it again. A few more attempts, but it sat again for over a year!

I attempted it again back in November, trying out a couple of different stitch patterns, and finally settling on a seed stitch pattern. I decided to not use the fun fur on the edges, and carefully followed for gauge and proper pattern dimensions. I used the yarn suggested in the original pattern, Lion Brand Chenille, lovely yarn to hold in your hands, but a bear to knit with . Chenille yarn does not have any stretch, and it hard to move along the needles, especially metal. I switched to my Denise needles and it was a little better.

Besides changing the stockinette stitch to a seed stitch I also left off the fun fur. In order to have the edge give a bit to make seaming easier I cast on and off very loosely. After seaming both panels together I did a single crochet around the edge twice to give it a very sturdy finish. I am glad that it took me so long to get it just right, because I really like the way my poncho turned out!

My other project I finished recently was another EZ baby sweater. This one was knitted using Caron Simply soft (Smoky Blue color) and Bernat Simply Soft (Banana color). I kept this simple only adding in a few rows of yellow, then accenting it with yellow buttons. It really didn't take me long to knit it, just didn't do much of it over the summer. Once you get the hang of this pattern, it really does knit up fast. This sweater will be donated to our knitting ministry.
I am making great progress on my caplet, so far pretty easy to knit. With stitch markers in place it easy put in increases.

On the other hand my February sweater is not going as well. I completely started over, taking out the first part and getting a brand new skein of yarn! The increases were giving me a hard time on this one, for some reason having a hard time remember which side it which. I eventually figured out the button holes, but will have to do them all over again when I get to them again!

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