Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Happy New Year!

My, my, my has it really been over a year since I update this blog!!! Apparently it has! Time to get back at it. Where do I start? I don't even know!

Let's start with family...

Here we are on Christmas Day after we got home from Sunday Services. Lauren played the flute and John sang a solo. We had a lovely day with my mom, our friend, Tracy and her twins. Later that night we join another family for dinner at Benihana's Restaurant, we had a blast. I think I could make this a new holiday tradition!

Now life is back to our normal schedule with school, work, and church activities. Maybe I will post a few recaps of our adventures last year as I get back into this blogging effort. We did have a busy year!

Knitting and Crocheting
I was able to fit in some knitting and crochet projects. So let's start with one project I did for my friend's mom last spring.
I am not a big fan of knitting or crocheting with homespun, but I will say it washes up very well is is always super soft. I really liked this pattern and have plenty of homespun that I could probably make another one is a different color!


Robin said...

Pretty shawl! Welcome back to blog land!

Z of ZKNITZ said...

happy new year!