Monday, April 30, 2007

Anniversary Weekend

Anniversary Weekend:
Our trip to San Fransisco was a nice day to celebrate our anniversary. We took in the amazing the ocean view while we ate lunch at the Cliff House. The popovers they served before our meals were delicious, I must learn how to make those! The weather was perfect to walk around and see the what had been the Sutro baths many years ago, and gorgeous scenery around the restaurant. After a drive though Golden Gate we braved the streets and eventually found our way to our theater. With a little over an hour before the play we headed over to the mall, where we could feel a bit more comfortable, the theater wasn't in the best part of the city. The play was funny, but very intense towards the end, good thing for the www so we could could get a better understanding of what what in the world was happening in a couple of scenes! It was very late night when we got home, so needless to we slept in late Saturday! (And not once did I see one yarn store in all the driving we did on Saturday!) Note: Pictures are a bit small so I could fit everything on it today!

View from our table at the Cliff House:

Remains of the Sutro Baths:

View from the Cliff House outside the resturant:

After we picked up the kids we stopped by the Shark Tank's Gift Store. The S.J. Sharks are in the Stanley Cup playoffs and we got a couple of pictures of San Jose showing their support. Unfortunately they lost to the Redwings Saturday, but we are still hoping for victory! For lunch we stopped at the Old Spaghetti Factory, then had a nice walk to the Tech Museum to show Dad the new exhibit "Green by Design." We stayed there a little over an hour, nice to have a membership so we can go in and just stay a bit.

"Puck Heads":

"Shark Territory":

Already Monday and we are back at it. School, laundry, house cleaning. While the kids work on their Legoland assignments, I am trying to get this post finished up.

Knitting Projects Progress!
I am finished knitting my Booga Bag. I made several modifications to the original pattern, making it larger and finishing it with an applied I-cord Bind off. My finished dimensions before felting are: Bottom of Bag measures 13"x8", Bag is 18" Tall and 20 1/2" Wide. The strap is just about 78" long.

Booga Bag Before Felting:

With the Bottom folded into the bag:

Applied I Cord Bind Off:


Close up of Stitch pattern:

Artisan's Vest (Big Bag Yarn), close up of stitch pattern. My only concern is that I have enough yarn to finish it. Even thought I calculated it out, I haven't gotten very far I have already used up on ball of yarn.

I started this yesterday...well, actually I tried to start it last year...but I wasn't that experienced and I had a hard time just doing the swatch! With some experience behind me now, I pulled it out again, maybe I can finish before our vacation next week. The pattern is from the Easy Knitting Magazine by Vogue (I think) from last spring or summer, a Garter Drop Knit Tank Tap using Lion Brand Incredible Ribbon. The color is beautiful and I like the feel the yarn, only problem is that it snags pretty easily.

First six rows

Close up of stitch pattern:

If you haven't had the chance to look at yesterday's post please do so, there is an update on the Aaron's Afghan and how you can help with the VT Families.

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